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Comedy · 2004 · 3 Minutes · DV · Color · 1.85:1 · Stereo · English

I'm Not Crazy

Super Bowl!

It is a regular day in a regular waiting room, a regular couch with three regular mental patients. Only, one of them insists he isn't crazy. As the day unfolds and his cries for help go unnoticed, this allegedly sane man is forced to find his own means of escape. His companions, a catatonic young boy and a spastic would-be NFL superstar, are of no help. And the doctors seem to be more interested in taking pictures of their quarry then helping them. Watch, as the escape is begun.

Directed by
Brock H. Brown

Gabriel Loyer .... Mental Patient
Brock Brown .... Mental Patient
Kevin Ross .... Mental Patient
Alex Rotundo .... Doctor's Assistant

Written by
Brock Brown
Gabriel Loyer
Kevin Ross
Alex Rotundo

Kevin Ross

Rebekah Loyer

Special thanks to
Drew Domm