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Brock H. Brown

Writer/Director (1983-2009)


Brock Brown was in every regard a talented and accomplished filmmaker, writer, and director. He was creative, skilled, prolific, and, beyond all of these things, a true and loyal friend. Though we do not know who Brock considered to be his best friend, many consider Brock to be the best friend that they had.

Brock was in many ways a walking miracle. Every day for twenty-six years he faced a heart condition that could take his life at any moment, yet rarely mentioned it and never allowed it to hold him back. Armed with strong faith and an enduring hope, he lived life to the full.

Brock engaged in countless adventures and travels, many in the name of film. In one such endeavor, he led an expedition of fellow adventurers and friends into the heart of a blistering and oppressive jungle. With dollies, cranes, and makeshift sets in tow, he fearlessly rallied his troops and produced his masterpiece, Wildlifeless.

Brock exhibited a tireless work ethic. He became a finely-tuned writing machine, pairing his boundless imagination with a disciplined approach. Never intimidated by a blank page, he had the rare skill to produce well-crafted pages under pressure. His signature tone was, as he described it: "wry, mocking, and self-deprecating."

Brock passed peacefully in his sleep on December 8, 2009.

Writer (Feature Screenplays)
Airlift (2009)
Documenting Ambler (2006)
Sin of the Opiate (2006)
The Madcap Armament (2005)
Last Rites with Johnny Boscoe (2004)

Writer (Short Screenplays)
Honeymoon (2009)
Matter of Chance (2009)
The Sweet Science (2009)
The Fuseman (2008)
Goodbye, Cruel World (2007) (co-writer)
The Rarefied (2007)
The Living Dead at The Pig's Head (2007)
Menu No Aware (2007)
Wildlifeless (2007)
The Peoples' Champion (2007) (co-writer)
Flim Flam (2006)
Ray's Stor-E (2006) (rewrite)
White Bread (2006)
Rendezvous (2006) (co-writer)
Filmic (2005)
Everlast (2005)
Hornsby and the Void Luminous (2005)
When Bullets Are Softer Than Words (2005)
Leonardo (2005) (co-writer)
The Subject (2005)
The Hollows (2005)
The Remorseful (2005)
Applied Genomics Technologies Corporation (2005) (co-writer)
Screenwriting (2005)
Outside In (2004)
Pantomiming (2004)
I'm Not Crazy (2004) (co-writer)

Writer (Television/Web Series)
Hangin' With Fidel (2012)

The Fuseman (2008)
Goodbye, Cruel World (2007)
Wildlifeless (2007)
The Peoples' Champion (2007)
Flim Flam (2006)
Remy Toh (2006) (TV pilot)
Leonardo (2005) (co-director)
The Subject (2005)
Arizona Citizen (2005)
Intense Math (2005) (co-director)
Outside In (2004)
Pantomiming (2004)
Work Crazy (2004)
I'm Not Crazy (2004)

The Fuseman (2008) .... Masked Gunman
Goodbye, Cruel World (2007) .... Himself
The Peoples' Champion (2007) .... Champions Street Team
Rendezvous (2006) .... Philip Shaw
Leonardo (2005) .... Stephano The Waiter
Arizona Citizen (2005) .... The Printer
Applied Genomics Technologies Corporation (2005) .... Alderman
Work Crazy (2004) .... Co-Worker
I'm Not Crazy (2004) .... Mental Patient

Wildlifeless (2007) (co-editor)
The People' Champion (2007) (co-editor)
The Subject (2005) (co-editor)
Intense Math (2005) (co-editor)
Outside In (2004)
Pantomiming (2004)

The Truth About Dismembered Mexicans (2004)
The Hungry Man Dilema (2004)
Fine Line (2004)

Other Crew
Today (2009) (music video) (assistant cameraman)
The Sweet Science (2009) (assistant director)
Days of Being Wrinkle Free (2008) (creative consultant)
John Philip Sousa Gets a Haircut (2006) (assistant director)
Bandito's Way (2005) (assistant director)
Winter's Day (2005) (assistant director)
The Glove Box (2004) (creative consultant)