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Gabriel Loyer is an actor as subtle as he is intense, possessing a striking and formidable presence. He approaches his roles with physical intensity and precision. He exhibits incredible range, imbuing equal measure of passion into the mundanity of the everyman and the cool ruthlessness of amoral government agents.

Best known as an obsessive, defiant, and spastic mathematician in Intense Math, Gabe has since taken on a slew of challenging roles: classy killer, disillusioned rocker, despondant futboller, nerdy technologist, and hard-nosed boxing manager. His most recent effort had him reinterpreting Fidel Castro as a screwball sitcom roommate.

In addition to being an award-winning actor, Gabe is also a talented writer and would like to explore music videos.

Thrasherland (2015) .... Doctor
Wild Oates (2015) .... Music Video Director
Mustachio and the Motion Picture Camera (2014) .... Mustachio
Iskushenie-10 (2014) .... Cosmonaut
Hangin' With Fidel (2012) .... Fidel
The Dunes - A Dream of Reality (2010) .... Brother
Matter of Chance (2009) .... Chance/Second Chance
The Sweet Science (2009) .... Gus
The Fuseman (2008) .... Steven Riker
Goodbye, Cruel World (2007) .... Himself/Stanley
The Peoples' Champion (2007) .... Shane Leander
John Philip Sousa Gets a Haircut (2006) .... Gabé
Rendezvous (2006) .... Rupert Gallows
Arizona Citizen (2005) .... Henchman
Winter's Day (2005) .... Lelay
Intense Math (2005) .... Harold
Outside In (2004) .... Gary Langley
The Glove Box (2004) .... Scott Williamson
Work Crazy (2004) .... Fred
I'm Not Crazy (2004) .... Mental Patient

Wild Oates (2015) (co-writer)
Iskushenie-10 (2014)
Goodbye, Cruel World (2007) (co-writer)
The Peoples' Champion (2007) (co-writer)
Searching for Manscare (2006)
Rendezvous (2006) (story)
Bandito's Way (2005)
Intense Math (2005)
Songwriter (2004)
The Glove Box (2004)
Work Crazy (2004)
I'm Not Crazy (2004) (co-writer)

Today (2009) (music video)
Bandito's Way (2005)
The Glove Box (2004)

Today (2009) (music video)
Bandito's Way (2005)

Today (2009) (music video)
Bandito's Way (2005)

Other Crew
Coalesce: A City Composed (2017) (camera assistant/sound recording)
II/XXIV\XIV (2015) (grip) (music video)
Thrasherland (2015) (boom operator)
Wild Oates (2015) (boom operator)
Viewfinder (2011) (boom operator)
Morse Code (2010) (boom operator)
Days of Being Wrinkle Free (2008) (creative consultant)
Wildlifeless (2007) (key grip)
The Peoples' Champion (2007) (production assistant)
Leonardo (2005) (gaffer)
The Visitor (2005) (assistant director)