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Film Challenges & Screen Wars

The Independent Feature Project, Phoenix chapter (formerly Phoenix Film Project) is the leading non-profit networking and educational organization for Arizona filmmakers. The Screen Wars television show and other film challenges were a major catalyst in the formation and development of Matter of Chance. These challenges allowed us to flex our creative muscles, refine our techniques, and explore our influences in a variety of genres. All in all, we produced eight films specifically for their challenges, and screened many others at events, such as Cinema Lounge.

Matter of Chance would like to thank everyone involved with IFP/PHX, from former Executive Directors Amanda Melby and Julie Holman to the many volunteers. We also thank the many filmmakers that we first considered competition, but later counted as friends, including Bruce Dellis, The Ronalds Brothers, Adam & Donovan Montierth, Angel Ruiz, and many others.

Drama · 2005

Arizona Citizen
Western · 2005

Bandito's Way
Western · 2005

The Visitor
Western · 2005

Winter's Day
Action · 2005

Intense Math
Comedy · 2005

The Glove Box
Thriller · 2004

I'm Not Crazy
Comedy · 2004