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Almost Famous Film Festival

Film Challenges

The Almost Famous Film Festival promises one thing: to make participating filmmakers "almost famous." They have done that and more through their smartly-run challenges, red carpet screenings, and generous prizes. Matter of Chance participated in A3F's 48-hour Film Challenge every from 2005-2011 and 2014, the One-Shot Challenge in 2009, and was proud to be invited to the All-Stars Challenge in 2007. These events have consistently pushed our creativity and endurance to the limits, with results sometimes thrilling, sometimes devastating, but always rewarding. Our nine A3F films have exhibited for nearly 4,000 people.

Matter of Chance would like to thank everyone involved with A3F: Jae Staats, Kai Staats, Jason François, Michelle Meyer, Jae's mom and dad and the many volunteers.

Sci-Fi/Drama · 2014

Family · 2011

Comedy · 2010

Matter of Chance
Comedy · 2009

The Sweet Science
Sci-Fi/Drama · 2009

The Fuseman
Comedy · 2008

Goodbye, Cruel World
Comedy · 2007

The People's Champion
Drama · 2007

Suspense · 2006

Sci-Fi/Thriller · 2005