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Evangeline Provost

Makeup Artist/Actress


Evangeline Provost is a talented and versatile makeup artist. In addition to making actors look great on-camera, she has tackled other screen challenges, creating a layered, diseased effect for a mental patient in The Subject, a split-personality look in Matter of Chance, and the never-ending parade of facial hair in Sixteen.

Angie is also a willing and creative actress. As the title extraterrestrial in The Visitor she was constrained by a non-speaking role, a costume that precluded facial expressions, and the sweltering Arizona heat. Undaunted, she imparted life into the character with great vivacity, and earned her first Best Actress award.

Angie has received numerous awards for her acting. After contributing to production design on many films, she recently expressed interest in pursuing that role full-time.

Makeup Artist
Hangin' With Fidel (2012)
Viewfinder (2011)
The Dunes - A Dream of Reality (2010)
Sixteen (2010)
Matter of Chance (2009)
The Sweet Science (2009)
The Fuseman (2008)
Goodbye, Cruel World (2007)
Wildlifeless (2007)
The People's Champion (2007)
John Philip Sousa Gets a Haircut (2006)
Rendezvous (2006)
Leonardo (2005)
The Subject (2005)
Johnny B. Naked (2005)
Arizona Citizen (2005)
Bandito's Way (2005)
The Visitor (2005)
Winter's Day (2005)
Applied Genomics Technologies Corporation (2005)
Intense Math (2005)
The Glove Box (2004)
Time Is My Crisis (2002)

Iskushenie-10 (2014) .... The Voice (voice)
The Fuseman (2008) .... Dixie Beauregard
Goodbye, Cruel World (2007) .... Herself
Wildlifeless (2007) .... Britannia Skinner (voice)
The People's Champion (2007) .... Haley Langsing
Flim Flam (2006) .... Support Group Member
John Philip Sousa Gets a Haircut (2006) .... Salon Receptionist
Rendezvous (2006) .... Eve Shaw
Leonardo (2005) .... Isobella The Girl
The Subject (2005) .... Carpenter
The Visitor (2005) .... The Visitor
Winter's Day (2005) .... Winter
Applied Genomics Technologies Corporation (2005) .... Carpenter/Evans
High School Sucked (2005) (music video) .... Schoolgirl
Time Is My Crisis (2002) (music video) .... Herself

Sixteen (2010) (story)
The People's Champion (2007) (story)
Rendezvous (2006) (story)
Applied Genomics Technologies Corporation (2005) (story, uncredited)

Other Crew
Coalesce: A City Composed (2017) (camera assistant/sound recording)
Thrasherland (2015) (production assistant)
Mustachio and the Motion Picture Camera (2014) (production assistant)
Iskushenie-10 (2014) (production designer)
Hangin' With Fidel (2012) (production designer)
Viewfinder (2011) (production designer)
Sixteen (2010) (boom operator)
Matter of Chance (2009) (production assistant)
The Glove Box (2004) (grip)