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DVD · MOC002

Hangin' with Fidel

An Original Sitcom

An aspiring screenwriter and an up-and-coming producer share a hip Hollywood apartment with a goofy Cuban named Fidel Castro. This is a sitcom in the classic style: a catchy theme song, laugh track, hilarious situations, physical comedy, catch phrases, weekly moral lessons, and "a very special episode."

1 - Pilot
2 - Game Night
3 - The Coup
4 - Fever Pitch
5 - Chef Presidente
6 - Amnesty
7 - A Very Special Episode
8 - The Bet

Theme Song
Original theme song written by Bruce Dellis, performed by Bruce Dellis, Steve Francois, and Max Bullis.

Bloopers & Outtakes
Seven minutes of hilarious bloopers and outtake spanning all eight episodes.

Behind-the-scenes timelapse footage of building and dressing the kitchen set.

Kickstarter Pitch Video
The fireside pitch video that started it all.

Fidel Pitch Video
Fidel's personal pitch... and hip-hop dancing!

Hangin' with Fidel
Sitcom · 2012